Appointments can be made via the telephone (see numbers at bottom of webpage), in person at a surgery or using our new online system (click here to access).

How to make an appointment to see the Doctor

In most cases you will be offered an appointment on the day you contact us.  Sometimes when we are very busy and the appointments are gone for that day you will be offered the next available appointment.  You may consult any doctor, if you wish to see a specific doctor our receptionists will tell you when they are on duty.  If you feel you need an appointment on the day you make the booking please call as soon as the lines open at 08:20am and do not leave it until midday as there could be fewer appointment times available.

We also have a number of appointments in all surgeries on Tuesday to Friday which can be booked more than 48 hours in advance with the Doctor of your choice – these appointments are known as pre-bookables. We now offer Open Access Clinics on a Thursday and Friday at Crowle Surgery.
Telephone consultations are available if you do not feel its necessary to see a Doctor (e.g to discuss results or medication queries). If you have a land line the doctor will call you, an exact time cannot be given.

Please remember each patient needs a separate appointment.  If you feel a 10 minute appointment is not sufficient for the number of problems you/the patient needs to discuss with the Doctor please ensure this is mentioned to the receptionist so that adequate time can be booked in your appointment.

We also offer Video Consultations at the practice. If you wish to book one of these appointments, please contact reception for more details.

Care Navigation

Over the coming months you will notice your receptionist begin to ask for a brief outline of your problem when you ring to book an appointment.

This is because we are introducing something called “Care Navigation”. It means we are training receptionists and clerical staff to help them help patients by identifying the most appropriate place for their care.

Through this specialist training, our practice team will be able to direct you to the most appropriate health clinician for your needs first.

Receptionists will never offer clinical advice or triage; this new way of working is about offering you the choice to see more appropriate professionals in the practice team or even somewhere else. If they can deal with the problem directly, it will often be quicker and means you may not need to see the GP at all.

By working this way, it helps to free up time for GPs to care for patients with complex or serious health conditions that can only be managed by the GP. More importantly though, it means people are seen first by the clinician that is best placed to manage their clinical problem.

The choice is always yours though and you will never be refused a GP appointment but we hope next time you contact your GP and speak with the receptionist you will see the value of seeing another health professional if they are able to help.


Text Reminder Service

The practice is now utilising a text reminder service for all appointments, this consists only of the date and time of any appointment. If we have a mobile contact telephone number on a patient record we will text this number with the reminder. It is important to keep us updated with your correct contact telephone number. Patients can cancel any appointment by using the text service without the need to contact the surgery by telephone.

If you cannot attend please contact reception as soon as possible to cancel your appointment, as we can then offer it to another patient.  We currently have issues with appointments not attended, every week approximately 5-6 hours’ worth of appointments are missed which could have been used by other patients.  Please try to help us ensure all patients are given the equal opportunity to attend appointments with the Doctor and the Doctor’s time is not wasted.

Home Visits
Home visits are for patients too ill to attend surgery. If you feel you need a home visit please contact the surgery before 10am to enable the Clinician to plan their calls. All home visits will be added to the triage list. It will be the clinicians decision if a home visit is required, if you do not accept the call you will not get a home visit, no home visit will be done unless triage has occurred. Please remember that it is your responsibility to arrange transport to see a  Clinician, having no car or waiting for a service man to call are not reasons to request a home visit. Please ring the surgery and state clearly the patients name, address and telephone number. Please remember 3-4 patients could be seen in the time it takes for a home visit.

Other Medical Professionals at the Practice:

Advanced Nurse Practitioners:

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are experienced nurses who have specialised in a particular field, or who have taken on extended roles not traditionally performed by nurses. Advanced Nurse Practitioners can see and assess patients, offer a diagnosis and provide treatment independently without a doctor. Here at Trent View Medical Practice we have 4 Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

What can they do for patients?

Advanced Nurse Practitioners, can see and treat a variety of illnesses both acute and chronic. These include; coughs and colds, diarrhoea and vomiting, infections of throat, chest, ears, skin etc. shingles, chicken pox and other childhood viral infections. They can also provide advice on contraception, smoking cessation and lifestyle choices. They can carry out medication reviews and discuss results of tests with patients under investigations. They can assess patients presenting with abdominal pain, chest pain or musculoskeletal pain of the limbs or back. Providing advice and support for patients is integral to what we do. Any patient wanting advice or reassurance can see a Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Advanced Nurse Practitioners can provide prescriptions for patients and can request investigations. They can refer to a speciality and will liaise with the patient’s named GP if any further management is required.

Practice Nurses
You can book a nurse appointment in advance.  They offer a variety of clinics: Asthma, Diabetes, Well Woman, Well Man, and Travel Vaccinations. In addition they also perform some of the following: Immunizations, cervical smears, ear syringing, removal of sutures, travel advice, dressings, ECGs etc. Please indicate to the receptionist what your appointment is for so we can allocate sufficient time. We have 3 Practice Nurses at Trent View Medical Practice.

Health Care Assistant's
We have 3 Health Care Assistants at each of our surgeries who are available to perform basic health checks (e.g blood pressure, height, weight and blood tests, ECGs, B12 injections, flu vaccinations, dressings, suture/ clip removal, spirometry requested by our clinicians, ear syringing and foot diabetic checks).  All over 75’s and anyone not seen for more than 3 years will be given an appointment for a check up on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Crowle Surgery offer an open access phlebotomy clinic- times as below:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am- 11:00am

Appointments are available at other times Mon, Tues, Weds 11:30- 13:30, Thurs & Fri 08:30- 13:30. This is because any of the bookable appointments with a HCA can be used for phlebotomy as long as they are before the hospital collection at approx 13:45.